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Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: Woonwinkel

Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: Woonwinkel

You know those rare shops where you walk in and you want ALL the things? Woonwinkel is one of these special places. Located just around the corner from the Portland ACE Hotel, this light filled corner shop features handcrafted items from around the world. Think handmade stuffed toys from UK Designer Donna Wilson, graphic and colorful recycled cotton throws from Karrie Dean, and the best looking bottle opener you'll ever find. 

A peek inside Portland, Oregon design shop Woonwinkel

We have a particular affection for their gorgeous and unusual collection of home textiles, but always find pieces of jewelry, unusual office item (gold handled scissors by Hay, we are looking at you), and fun, yet imminently useful, tableware. Best of all the staff at Woonwinkel is always so welcoming and willing to help you find the perfect thing. 

Portland Oregon shop Woonwinkel carries home good from around the globe.

 If you needed any more convincing, Woonwinkel is joining forces with Perch and tons of other local shops on November 24th thru November 26th for Little Boxes--a Portland-wide holiday shopping event that features discounts, an amazing raffle, and the best local boutiques in town. We stopped by to ask them about what they are excited about this holiday season

Woonwinkel carries ceramics by Philadelphia based artist Brian Giniewski.

 What is your absolute favorite thing in the shop right now? Why?

Ceramics by Brian Giniewski, from Philadelphia. It is amazing how he intentionally stops the dripping glaze. And I love his use of color!

What do you think the biggest home goods trend  will be in 2018?

I think that plants are going to keep being present in home design.  

What is your favorite Little Box to shop at and why?

Tender Loving Empire. We are friends with them and love the variety that they offer!

Is Woonwinkel offering anything special to shoppers during Little Boxes?

TBD. But, we will definitely have morning time treats for early birds!

Favorite Holiday song?

Any holiday song by Ella Fitzgerald or Bing Crosby


The design shop Woonwinkel is located in downtown Portland, Oregon 

Here's how to find Woonwinkel:

Address: 935 SW Washington St., Portland, OR 97205 

Website: https://www.woonwinkelhome.com

Instagram handle: @woonwinkel

Phone Number: 503.334.2088


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