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Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: Appetite Shop

Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: Appetite Shop

Appetite Shop in Portland Oregon carries a line of house made pillows and bags

When ever we need throw pillows, our first stop is always Appetite Shop--a local workshop with a lovely retail space that features their house-made line of pillows, bags and textiles. Owned by sisters, Erin and Megan, the shop also carries a thoughtful mix of new and vintage home goods and furniture, houseplants and macrame art and hangers from Knot & Cord. 

Appetite Shop's cactus print looks great on their cloth baskets

Appetite Shop designs and prints their own bold, graphic--and often nature-inspired--designs (we have pillows with the fun cactus print at Perch). The prints can be found on bags, napkins, potholders, pillows, and even shower curtains. They also make bags and pillows with classic Pendleton wool prints. 

A wall of shelves divides the retail space from the workshop at Appetite Shop in Portland, Oregon

This is the perfect place to find a gift for someone who loves all things handmade or unusual home goods. The shop's shelves are filled with unique planters, houseplants, candles, pillows and more. Plus, you can get a peek at the in-house workshop in the back where they make their own line (so fun!).

Appetite Shop in Portland, Oregon carries house made textiles and houseplants.

Appetite Shop, along with Perch and tons of other wonderful locally-owned shops, is taking part in Little Boxes. This Portland-wide shopping event happens the weekend after Thanksgiving (November 24th thru November 26th) and features an amazing raffle and discounts (Perch is offering 10% off custom orders). 

We stopped by Appetite Shop and chatted with their employee, Heidi, to find out what they are excited about this holiday season.

Appetite Shop hand prints their textiles and makes their bags in house in their Portland, Oregon workshop.

What is your absolute favorite thing in the shop right now?

I love the macrame from Knot & Cord, which is owned by Erin & Megan's mom!

What do you think the biggest handmade trend will begin 2018?

Macrame has been really big recently. I think that people like that it is this old craft being used in a more modern way.

What is your favorite Little Box to shop at?

Paxton Gate on Mississippi. I love all the taxidermy. They just have really unusual things.

What is your favorite Holiday song?

Hmmm. Christmas music kind of drives me crazy. Is that okay?

(Yes, that is totally okay! We get it.)

House plants hanging from hand made macrame hangers line the window of Appetite Shop.

How to find Appetite Shop:

Address: 2136 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214

Website: https://appetiteshop.com

Instagram: @appetiteshop

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