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Pistils Nursery is located on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon and offers plants suited to Pacific Northwest gardens.

Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: Pistils Nursery

You'll find Pistils Nursery tucked into a historic building on a busy stretch of the Mississippi Avenue shopping district. This plant-lovers dreamscape is one of our very favorite places to shop for plants, indoors or out. The Pistils team carefully curates a selection of specialty plants for Pacific Northwest ornamental and vegetable gardens, but they also love to enliven interior spaces with plants. They call it #InteriorRewilding and their Instagram feed is the perfect antidote to a rainy Portland winter day.

Mounted staghorn ferns hang from the walls at Portland's Pistils Nursery.

The mercantile is filled with an unusual assortment of houseplants. Kokedama string gardens--plants with their roots bound in a ball of moss--hang from the ceiling, air plants dot the walls, trays of succulents and cacti fill shelves and the mounted staghorn ferns hanging about the shop look like living works of art. 

Like Perch, Pistils will be participating in Little Boxes 2017--Portland's best holiday shopping event! We stopped by and talked with one of their resident plant experts, Chris, to find out what they are excited about for the holidays.

Plant experts are on hand at Pistils Nursery to offer advice.

Woven plants baskets make a great gift from Pistils Nursery in Portland, Oregon.

Favorite thing in the shop right now?
Plant baskets! They are great for a subtle, bright interior decor and are different from the typical stone or ceramic pots we usually see. 
Biggest plant trend for 2018?
Well, the trend right now that will probably bleed over into 2018 are Pileas (Chinese Money Plant). They’ve been hard to get and selling quickly. A trend that I hope will happen in 2018 is people taking chances and buying bigger plants! 
Favorite LB Store?
I love Land Gallery! They have the most beautifully crafted cards. 
Is Pistils Nursery offering anything special during Little Boxes?
We always do, but haven’t decided what it will be this year. Last year we offered free air plants. 
Favorite Holiday song?
I love the song Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.

Pileas are a trendy plant and a great hostess gift during the holidays.

How to find Pistils Nursery in person and online:

Address: 3811 N Mississippi Ave

Website: www.pistilsnursery.com

Instagram: @pistilsnursery

Phone: 503-288-4889

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