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Perch Furniture's Design Guide to Portland: ink & peat

What could be better than spending an hour browsing through Pam Zsori’s delightful boutique, ink & peat? Not much in our estimation. Just walking into the bright, exquisitely curated space feels like an invitation to relax. Yes, this is a shop, but coming here feels less about shopping and more about experiencing ink & peat’s vision for a comfortable, joyful life filled with beautiful things.

Portland's Ink and Peat offers Chan and Luu silk and cashmere scarves.

The shop features an eclectic assortment of home goods, books, body products and clothing. Think small batch soaps by Earth Luxe and silk and cashmere scarves by Chan Luu. Colorful vintage rugs are scattered about the floor and the products are arranged in artful vignettes that encourage you to slow down and look carefully at every intentionally chosen, beautifully crafted thing.

Ink and Peat carries beautifully crafted clothing with a slight bohemian edge.

Block printed pillows are popular at Ink and Peat in Portland, Oregon.

Every item in the shop—from the deliciously scented candles to the perfectly edited collection of cookbooks—has a maker, writer or designer behind it that shares ink & peat’s passion for making the world a better place through thoughtful design.

Scented hand creams make a nice gift from Ink and Peat in Portland.

Like Perch, ink & peat loves collaborating with Portland’s vibrant local businesses. So they are participating in the 2017 edition of Little Boxes—Portland’s best holiday shopping event. November 24th thru November 26th tons of shops around Portland (including ink & peat and Perch) will be opening their doors to shoppers who love local.

We stopped by recently to chat with Pam about what she is excited about this holiday season.

At Portland's Ink and Peat boutique, woodsy scented candles are popular during the holidays.

Favorite thing in the shop right now?

For customers, it would be the Holiday candles such as Illume (they offer great scents like Balsam & Cedar and Woodfire). For me, it’s the hand block printed pillows by Walter G. 

What do you think the biggest home goods trend for 2018 will be? 

It won’t be a new trend exactly, but natural materials. Products that are made using materials such as linen, cotton, natural dye, and natural skin care have been getting more and more popular as time goes on which is great.  

Favorite Little Boxes Store?

I love Betsy & Iya! They started Little Boxes and have the most wonderful store.  

Are you offering anything special during Little Boxes?

We always like to offer 10% off of purchases and delicious snacks. 

Favorite Holiday song?

Let It Snow. 

 Ink and Peat is located on North Williams street in Portland, Oregon.

How to find ink & peat:

Address: 3808 N Williams Ave #126, Portland, OR 97227


Instagram: @inkandpeat























Stylish, useful and completely delightful.


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Whenever we have guests in town for a visit we head up to North Williams for lunch at Tasty & Sons followed by an afternoon of browsing through the always delightful and surprising collection of


Our ideal Portland afternoon would involve a lazy lunch at Tasty & Sons followed by a short stroll up North Williams to the delightful boutique, Ink and Peat. This delightful boutique

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