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Picture of marina ramp for Perch Sofa delivery to a boat.

Custom Enough for a Boat

Delivery of a custom Sterling sofa to Phil's boat was by far our best of 2017. From the beginning we knew we had a rare opportunity to solve a problem for a customer and help them upgrade from a flat pack sofa to a statement piece.

Designing the sofa was straightforward enough. With limited space and tight corners, an armless couch was the obvious solution. After a quick trip to the boat to measure the space, we drafted the perfect custom-to-the-inch diagram.

sketching out the design


Our process for success:

  • We listen – the more attentive we are to our customers, the better we can balance the goals and constraints of a project.
  • We collaborate - working with customers ensures that we reach the best outcome.
  • We add our expertise - the lessons learned from every sofa we have delivered help us overcome any obstacle.
  • We make high quality products - Our furniture is created by Master-Class craftsmen who work at our family owned factories.


Once we had our final product, we decided to do some delivery research. Turns out that delivering a sofa to a boat isn’t all that common. Prior to this video, searching “how to deliver a sofa to a boat” led nowhere. So of course we had to film our attempt. 


Presenting: El CapitanAn Armless Sofa’s Ambition 

One note of gratitude to the our customer Phil: Thank you for allowing us to scramble together our cinematography team in time to document the event.


Delivery All Star and Perch Furniture store owner - Jonathan Galloway

Director of Cinema - Meg


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