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Drum Lampshades

Drum Lampshades

I recently scored a vintage wooden tripod at a thrift shop for $25.  I’m planning on putting my limited DIY skills to the test by turning the tripod into a lamp. I have never made a lamp before, but after a little online research I decided that it looks easy enough.

Yesterday, I stopped by Sun Lan Lighting, a North East Portland shop that carries pretty much every type of lightbulb ever made and all the components needed to make your own lamp. The very patient staff helped me select a ceramic socket, a plug, and a goldenrod-colored cotton cord. They even walked me through the surprisingly simple process of wiring everything together.

I want to top the tripod with a wide drum lampshade, preferably with a graphic pattern. If the lamp wiring goes well I might try my hand at covering a shade with fabric, but in the meantime I love these options from Etsy!

From top to bottom:

1. 1950s Blue Burst vintage wallpaper drum shade from Fondue (16″ diameter, $90)

2. Drum shade in Schumacher’s Imperial Trellis, $150 (16″diameter) from Lamp Shade Designs

3. 1950s Mid Mod Hatch vintage wallpaper drum shade, $80 (16″diameter) from Fondue

4. Drum shade in Schumacher’s Fret pattern, $125 (16″ diameter) from Lamp Shade Designs

(Images: 1 and 3 from Fondue; 2 and 4 from Lamp Shade Designs)

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