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Cow Hide Rugs

When Jon suggested we get a cow hide rug for our living room a few years ago, I resisted. I grew up in Wyoming. A place where decorating tastes tend to run a little to the, um, west of mine. Lodgepole pine beds, mounted antelope heads, and arm chairs covered not just in leather, but hair-on-hide leather, are a regular sighting.

But Jon really wanted a cow hide rug, and so I relented. Over the past few years I really grew to love our cow hide rug. It never shows dirt, is easy-to-clean, and to my surprise, actually looked right at home in our 1924 bungalow.

When the store opened, we brought our cow hide rug in to stage the space, and it sold in just a couple of weeks. So, I ordered several more hides and am currently deciding which one I want to take home! They are all so lovely. I’m debating between a gorgeous all black hide and a smaller white one that is flecked with charcoal grey.

The thick, high-quality hides come from Brazil and they average about 36 square feet. We currently have 10 hides to choose from and they are $275 to $300 each, depending on the color.

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