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The Sterling: One Mid-century Style Sofa, Three Ways

The Sterling: One Mid-century Style Sofa, Three Ways

We named the Sterling sofa after our favorite Mad Men character, Roger Sterling, because it has super clean, mod lines and a definite mid century vibe. The Sterling is one of our most popular couches and we thought it would be fun to show how three of our clients made it their very own.

This sofa lives in an impeccably restored mid-century home in SW Portland. It is covered in a great fabric called Aberdeen Gunmetal, which has kind of a linen look. But unlike linen, this fabric is 100% polyester, which means that a spill does not spell a disaster, because it is easy to clean and durable. These clients also have two very adorable small dogs, so choosing a darker fabric was a good route for them because it will disguise any  little paw prints that might get on the sofa.

This is the first Sterling we delivered in leather and it looks phenomenal. The leather really showcases the tailored details, especially the welted seams and button tufted tight back.

Our client chose an amazing leather called Mont Blanc Truffle, which has a nuanced chocolate color that our photo doesn’t do justice to (really, you should stop by the shop and see it in person. It is so pretty!). The best part about this sofa is it will only get better as the leather softens up and breaks in with age.

One reason why many sofas built in the 60s continue to look reasonably good to this day is they were upholstered in textured, multi-colored fabrics made from synthetic fibers like polyester. These fabrics hold up to daily wear and tear and hide spills better than solid colors. These clients picked a really beautiful mid-century inspired fabric called Caravan Spice, which is woven through with umber, sienna, black, and golden colors. It looks so good on this frame and fits in perfectly in our clients’ warm, pretty apartment.

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