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Perfectly fluffed accent pillows are a key way to add style to a sofa. Find out how to fluff throw pillows with our video.

The Best Way to Fluff Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the cheapest, easiest way to dress up your couch...as long as they look nice and fluffy. If you accent pillows are looking a little flat and lumpy, try out our simple four step method for getting the perkiest, prettiest pillows around! We put together a short video showing how to fluff up your pillows:

 Step One: Shake

This step works on both poly fiber fill and feather pillows, but it is especially important for throw pillows with a feather and down insert. Feathers tend to clump together, which makes the pillows look flat and lumpy instead of full and cushy. Simply pick up the pillow and give it a vigorous shake to separate the fill and add some air.

Step Two: Pat

Lay the pillow down on your couch and give it quick firm pats to help the feathers or poly fiber inside the pillow insert distribute evenly.

Step Three: Squish

Now that your pillow stuffing has more air and is evenly distributed, grab the pillow on two sides and squish the filling, rotate and repeat. This helps the pillow look nice and puffy.

Step Four: CHOP!!

Now, for the fun part! Place your pillow where you want it to go, perk up the corners if need by and then give it a good karate chop in the middle for a finished look.

Voila! Now you have pretty pillows and a perfectly styled couch in under a minute flat! 

Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to add style to a sofa. 

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