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A grey sofa chaise sectional with tufted buttoning

SOLD - Lawson Sofa Chaise Sectional on Clearance

Was: $3020 | Now: Sold

This version of our Lawson Sofa Chaise Sectional features some fun customizations that differ from our standard. To add more of a mid-century flair, we added seat cushions with deep blind tufts (i.e. a tuft with no button) and cone legs. In a nod to more contemporary fashions, the cushions have top-stitched seams (rather than welts).

The sectional would be the perfect fit for a living or family room that gets a lot of use. Not only is there a lot of space, the sectional is covered in Curious Charcoal—one of our most durable easy to clean fabrics. The fabric has a “W” cleaning code, which means that you can clean up spills and stains with water. Which means you have less to worry about if you like to eat on your sofa or if you have rambunctious children or pets.

The sectional is a comfortable 110”L across the back, with the chaise portion 38”L and the sofa portion 72”L. The Lawson has a comfy feel that pretty much demands you lounge upon it, but the tufting keeps everything looking nice and crisp.

The Details: 

Total Dimensions: 108”L by 38”D by 30”H with a 65”D chaise

Fabric: Curious Charcoal (“W” cleaning code)

Base: Cone legs with walnut finish

Back Cushions: Baffled cluster fiber with blind tufts and grid seams

Seat Cushions: Medium high-resiliency foam with blind tufts and grid seams

If you’d like to see this sectional in person, please call the shop at 503-208-5128 to schedule a time to visit the warehouse. Please note, warehouse items are only available for regional delivery and are subject to delivery fees.

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