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A still shot from the TV show Friends showing all the friends sitting at the coffee shop on the famous Friends couch

Inspiring Sofas on the Screen

Here at Perch, we notice sofas everywhere. When walking down the street if a sofa catches our eye we have to stop and check it out. During my nightly routine of watching Netflix (yes, I admit, I may have a slight Netflix addiction), I am often distracted by the furniture and set design and much to my boyfriend's chagrin, I always interrupt to ask, “what just happened?!”.

Here I have compiled a group of a few of my favorites:

The Friends sofa is a classic. This is the spot where the cast spends a lot of their time in Central Perk and, in a couple episodes, have fought over this prime real estate (who wouldn’t want to sit on this sofa?). With orange Mohair (so luxurious!) and Victorian lines, this sofa is a stunner. Did you know that the crew found this sofa in the Warner Bros. basement? What a find!

Friends characters Rachel, Chandler and Monica sitting on an the orange sofa at Central Perk in an episode of Friends.

Traditional furniture and a homey color palette mark the set of Olivia Pope’s (played by Kerry Washington) home. Check out the rolled detail on the back of her sofa that complements the English arm so well. Swoon.

Now this sofa, on New Girl, is the sofa that I would want in my home. This is the perfect hangout sofa with luxurious Caramel leather and modern lines. I would love to help someone design a sofa just like this, but fair warning, if you invite me over to your home, I may never leave.

Can you guess the owners of this living room?… I Love Lucy! I grew up watching I Love Lucy and their mid-century, sleek living room has always been one of my favorites. The Mid-Century style is one that I think I will always be attracted to. It’s just so clean and versatile.

Whatever you are inspired by, you can count on us to respect your passion, and build you a sofa that not only achieves the look you want, but supports the lifestyle you live. That is what custom means to us.

– Audrey

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