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Beautiful custom leather banquettes designed by Perch Furniture for Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Custom Leather Banquettes Elevate the Design of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon

Housed in a Craftsman bungalow in the heart of Bend, Oregon, married chefs Ariana and Andres Fernandez opened their Northwest-ingredient focused Ariana Restaurant in 2004. Step into the airy dining room and you’re welcomed by warm, sophisticated textures along with unique art and decor that Ariana has collected herself,  “It is definitely an extension of our home.  Respecting the building that is here and making it ours- this feels like us in this space."

Perch Furniture custom designed leather banquettes to fit exactly in the Craftsman dining room of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

The front corner of the restaurant is especially cozy since the addition of the Perch banquettes. “This area is usually seated with couples, and they always get to chatting, and then they’re friends by the end of the meal,” Ariana reports. "We’re always trying to give people the best experience we possibly can, in every way, like trying to make people more comfortable with these banquettes.”

The bar at Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Unique interior details like modern pendants over the bar and the handmade live edge benches elevate the space and bring interest, “It’s a labor of love- whenever we have time or money we try to update and fix things up.”

Custom banquette seating from Perch furniture and shelving lined with wine rim the dining room of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Along with their menu that utilizes the bounty of Northwest ingredients, Ariana Restaurant has an extensive wine list that highlights selections from Oregon and Washington.

 Cute detail of the interior of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

The wall between the front of house and Ariana’s kitchen has one of many unique details that can be found throughout the space. Collected art, greenery, and high-end functionality are themes throughout Ariana Restaurant’s interior. Plants play a big role in the decor at Ariana, and bring life to the space.  Chef Ariana shares, “I love the plants and I love the whole bar because we worked so hard on it together.  Every single thing in here is something meaningful to me, or to us or our family."

 Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon is decorated with many houseplants and personal touches.

“For the banquettes I wanted something that was low and felt like furniture.  We’ve had the idea of doing something like this for a long time," explains Ariana. "I stumbled upon Perch, and I had a sample image of what I wanted, and they said they could do it.  It was meant to be!” Ariana takes a moment to enjoy the leather banquettes at the beginning of each day:  “They’re so comfy, aren’t they?! I sit in them every morning, and do my prep list.”

Custom leather banquettes designed by Perch Furniture elevate the style of the Ariana Restaurant dinning room in Bend, Oregon.

Perch created custom leather banquettes that encircle the restaurant and create a warm, luxe feeling in the space. 

Comfy custom built leather banquettes circle the dining room of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Chef Ariana and Chef Andres work together to create a fine dining experience that is influenced by French and Italian cuisine, and is rooted in beautiful Pacific Northwest ingredients:  “Bend is a beer town and a pub town, but we wanted someplace where you go for your anniversary or for a special date, and that’s what we do.” The restaurant is equal parts luxury and comfort. “We’re trying to find a balance by having a little bit of modern touches.”

Chefs Andres and Ariana Fernandez of Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon.

Thank you Chef Andres and Chef Ariana.  Your restaurant is beautiful and we adore how the banquettes turned out- we look forward to dining at Ariana next time we’re in Bend!

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